Ka-Ren 2B4U

Ka-Ren 2B4U
Published on Thinkerbeat.com ( http://mag.thinkerbeat.com/mypage.php?bid=307 ) April 2016
Words: 934

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her skin was soft and supple. It gave me the desire to taste it and run my tongue over her skin, and savor every nook and cranny she had. The thought of having her for all of its worth, kept banging my mind. I wanted her, and desired her. She had to be mine. The image I saw of her kept plaguing me. I couldn’t sleep or think during those weeks before she came. Her image kept pounding me until finally—

When I first came across Ka-Ren 2B4U, it was an ad on the Internet. I was doing research for a specific item when the side panel on the Internet screen kept flashing. At first, I wanted to click off the ad, but what caught my attention was this beautiful girl that had a sensuous Mona Lisa smile. It tickled my fancy, and my job research ended. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was mesmerizing.

“Click my lips,” said the ad, “and I’ll tell you all about me. You’ll love what you’ll hear and see.”

I did.

The music came on soft and sensual. The kind of music you hear when you want to satisfy your erotic desires. Not having anything to do, I watched the arousing ad.

I was sold.

Like so many of my kind, I too wanted to be fulfilled and have my desires satisfied. Living alone is lonely, and at my age, a mate is perfect. We could share the same likes and fulfill them—according to the Internet ad.

My eyes skimmed over the questionnaire to see if there was any catch to the ad. It was a normal ad like all the rest of the mate searches on the net. Except, this one promised to satisfy your entire requests. We make your mate to your specification and needs.

The 2B4U company was a little different from the other matchmaker sites. This one didn’t match you to another person’s likes, but promised to deliver a mate that had your desires.


Q. What hair color do you prefer?

A. Black, coal black with shimmering blue highlights.

Q. How tall of a mate?

A. Same height as me, six-two.

I wanted to make sure she stood eye-to-eye, so I wouldn’t have to look up or down, making all body points fit at the same level.

And it went on until all the answers were completed. I filled in the payment statement, and clicked the submit button and my request was sent. Now, all I had to do was wait.

During the month of wait, I had almost forgotten about Ka-Ren 2B4U. It wasn’t until late one afternoon that she came to me. I was working on an archive project about our forefathers, those humans that started it all back in the twentieth century. How amazing they were. They had to sexually reproduce their kind to continue life. How sad that is. The last of the man people died out just after I was made. I remember this old man. Thank God, we don’t grow old. He was all wrinkled up and looked like a prune. When he died, I asked him what he missed the most. He said, sex. Curious, I wondered about it, and wanted to try it. I had never experienced it before, because there was no real need to. Life was manufactured by now, not reproduced. If a part wore out, you just get a new one. I’m on my fifth pump.

I had heard that sex was a five-minute experience that neither partner received full benefit. The she partner always complained about inadequate men. Men always complained about incompetent women. Thank God, we don’t have such problems. Now that they have perfected the matching mate, everything is perfect as long as you want it to last.

When I opened the door, she stood there majestic in all her splendor, tall, beautiful, and elegant. I was immediately aroused. What I was gazing at, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She appeared as if she stepped out of a fairytale.

She said, “I’m Ka-Ren 2B4U.” Her foggy sensuous tones enraptured me.

At first, I couldn’t move. She was that spell-bounding. I was gripped. Slowly, I opened the door wide and let her in. Her stride was sensuous. Her aromatic fragrance caught me off guard. It captivated my decadent impulses. Every movement she made perked my imagination. My mind became mush.

“Andy,” she said slowly.

“Yes, Andy is what I’m called.”

“Isn’t there any other name you go by? There’s so many Andys around.”

“My whole name is Android GO4.”

“GO4 sound intriguing. What do you do?”

“I’m an archivist for the National Institute for Human Research.”

“Human Research. Isn’t that a little old fashion…out of date.”

“We collect data on what made humans obsolete.”

“What made them obsolete?”

“They had to reproduce sexually.”

“How sad.”

“Yes! Aren’t we fortunate?”

“More than one can say.”


Like I said, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, sensuous, captivating. Not only that, but she was unstoppable. Our relationship went on for hours, into days. We are now into the third month.

That first night was the most memorable experience I’ll never forget. We disrobed, and faced each other. Then she pulled from her navel her connection cord, and plugged it into my navel. For the rest of the night, we vibrated to the tempo of Ravel’s Bolero.

At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Ravel’s Bolero. Maybe, I’ll try bouncing to the rhythm of Beethoven, or pulsate to Puccini.